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Ponmo – Seven Igbo Foods That Can’t Go Without It (Sexy Photos)

by Anaedo Gurus

By Charity Onu

Ponmo is derived from cow skin, it is sometimes called Kanda by the Igbos and Kpomo by the Yorubas and is enjoyed by all. This Cow derivative is a delicious one as it is gotten from the skin of the cow, a favourite beef part, many would say. One merit of Ponmo is that they are inexpensive. Though some experts suggest that they little nutritional value, the taste more than makes up for this.

Today, ponmo has proven to no more be the exclusive of the poor. In Igbo homes, you may enjoy many of the Igbo foods without ponmo but there are foods that won’t be great without the ecstatic input of ponmo. Here are seven delicious Igbo foods that need Ponmo for a more perfect enjoyment.


Abacha ( African salad) is a delicious Igbo meal mainly eaten mostly by the eastern Nigerian dwellers, Abacha which is believed to have originated from Enugu State is gotten from cassava.


Most people eat it as simply an appetizer or even their main dish. For a complete taste of Abacha, it is always garnished with Ponmo, coupled with other condiments like salt, pepper, and seasoning, etc.

Best Abacha joint you can find in Enugu - Ou Travel and Tour

Some Igbo chefs prefer to cut the Ponmo into small slices to match with the Abacha while some love it large, Whatever way you do it, they are just too delicious.

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It is mostly used to entertain visitors in Igbo land before serving them the main dish.


Ugba (also called Ukpaka by some dialects) is one of the special Igbo delicacies that you wouldn’t miss in any restaurant dealing with Igbo specials and native foods. It is traditionally prepared almost the same way as the Abacha. What differentiates this food from Abacha is that, instead of using the regular Ugba or Ukpaka as just a minor ingredient (side ingredient), it is the chief ingredient.


Ugba salad, oil bean seed salad - The Pretend Chef

Ugba delicacy is a sure exclusive and expensive ingredient, that is why in Igboland if you cook Ugba on its own, not including the regular Abacha, people would say you are rich. It is an ajebo move.

But  Ugba dish is not yet complete except you include Ponmo in the dish, Ponmo gives the Ugba dish that appetizing look, that you just feel like having a munch of them at a glance.


Egusi Soup

Egusi which is gotten from Melon is the chief ingredient in this meal.  Start by getting the egusi ready, get  vegetables (Pumpkin leave), the seasonings, meats, palm oil and never forget Ponmo as it is a friend to Egusi soup.

The Hirshon Nigerian Egusi 'Soup' - ✮ The Food Dictator ✮


Egusi soup cooked with Ponmo are a match made in heaven and on earth, they are inseparable. It is simply delicious and can be served with Garri, Semovita,  Fufu, etc.

Ofe Onugbu

Ofe Onugbu (Bitter Leaf Soup) is a delicious Nigerian soup. It is one of the chief native foods of the Igbo tribe that people love to have even a taste of them, they are delicious are usually cooked and served with Ponmo.

Bitterleaf Soup (Ofe Onugbu) | African recipes nigerian food, Nigerian soup recipe, Nigeria food

The Ponmo may be sliced into smaller pieces so you just pick them as you make a swallow, they are yummy.


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Oha Soup 

“Ofe Oha” also called Ora (as the Igbo localities say) is a delicious Igbo native food. Oha which is a seasonal vegetable is prepared using cocoyam, achi, or any other thickening agent.

Fufu with Oha soup Recipe by Ogige Amaka - Cookpad


The soup is not yet complete until you include your freshly sliced Ponmo, once Ponmo is added, your food is at a goal, enjoy!

Achicha (Echicha)

Achicha is a Cocoyam pottage cooked with dried cocoyam flakes, the cocoyam flakes are usually pounded into small pieces to ease digestion.


Achicha Ede (Echicha Ede) | All Nigerian Recipes

Ponmo is usually grounded into small chunks or even sliced, it is added to the Achicha pot 10 to 15 minutes before the food is done and turned after cooking to ensure even distribution of Ponmo in the food.

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Ogbono Soup

Ogbono Soup is a sure soup for every Igbo home, it is a number one draw soup solution and is often more economical.

OGBONO SOUP - The Pretend Chef

Ponmo goes well with draw soup. Ogbono soup becomes whole once Ponmo is present, one just takes bites of Ponmo as he swallows his Fufu.

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