Peruzzi Reveals His Role in Creating Davido’s Hit Tracks

by Ikem Emmanuel

In a surprising revelation, Peruzzi Vibes, a signee of DMW Records, recently claimed that he was the brains behind two of Davido’s chart-topping songs, “Risky” and “Unavailable.” The revelation came during an impromptu freestyle session in Peruzzi’s studio and has been circulating on social media.

Peruzzi boldly asserted that he was the sole songwriter for both tracks and stated, “I wrote ‘Unavailable’ and ‘Risky’ tracks for Davido.” This claim has sparked discussion among fans and the online community.

Some argue that Peruzzi’s decision to provide these songs to Davido was strategic. They recognized that Davido’s immense star power played a significant role in the success and widespread popularity of these tracks. Davido’s ability to connect with a massive audience is well-known, and it undoubtedly contributed to the songs’ success.

Others pointed out that if Peruzzi had released these songs independently, they might not have reached the same level of fame and recognition. Peruzzi has faced challenges in creating viral hits in the past, and having a powerhouse like Davido on board certainly played a crucial role in the songs’ success.

My First Experience With Davido – Peruzzi Reveals


This revelation offers a glimpse into the collaborative nature of the music industry, where artists often work together to create hits, and it highlights the role of talented songwriters like Peruzzi in crafting memorable tracks. The controversy and discussions surrounding these claims add an interesting layer to the story of these popular songs.

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