UPDATE: Full Statement Of Gabon Coup Leaders After Taking Over Govt

US Suspends Aid to Gabon Following Coup: What You Need to Know

by Ikem Emmanuel

The United States has decided to suspend most of its assistance to the government of Gabon. This decision was made in response to a military coup d’état that took place in Gabon. Here’s a simplified breakdown of what’s happening and what it means:

Why Aid is Suspended:

The US government invoked section 7008 of the Department of State’s annual appropriations act to suspend its assistance to Gabon. This decision came after a military coup occurred in Gabon on August 30, following the announcement that the incumbent president, Ali Bongo, had won the general election.

What Section 7008 Means:

Section 7008 is a part of the Department of State’s annual appropriations act. It allows the US to suspend aid to a country when it determines that a military coup has taken place there.

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What’s Not Affected:

While most US assistance is paused, there are exceptions. Humanitarian, health, and education assistance will continue to reach the people of Gabon. This means that life-saving support will continue.

Support for Democracy:

The US remains committed to supporting Gabon in transitioning to democratic civilian governance. The goal is to work with the Gabonese people and regional partners to help establish democratic rule.


This decision underscores the US’s stance on supporting democracy, prosperity, and stability for the people of Gabon.

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